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Who are we? We’re a software development studio that partners with clients to design, develop, and deliver technology solutions. Based in Columbus, Ohio, our teams feature technologists – who are experts in multiple areas and technologies. We create unique solutions to meet the individual needs of our clients.

We collaborate at the development studio to help build the product you need, such as a custom application, an inventory management system, or a workforce scheduler.

Our dev studio creates the ideal environment for an iterative development approach that supports high productivity and predictable delivery. We’re dedicated to building great products on your schedule and budget!

Why Work with Our Dev Studio Teams?

How can we help you? We work with clients to design, develop, and deliver unique technology solutions. Partner with our experienced agile teams as an onsite or offsite extension of your IT team, for Bimodal IT capabilities or innovation prototyping.

Partner with us for our…

Agile and Experienced Teams

Take advantage of knowledge in traditional business principles, technologies, tools and industries. Our teams:

  • Know how to strike a balance between agile and traditional development
  • Understand that one prescriptive process might not work with every project, client, or team
  • Apply a pragmatic approach to integrating our basic agile principles with those of the client
  • Work with the client to understand costs and plan for releases
Fast and Efficient Teams

Provide increased value for fees. Our teams:

  • Move at a faster speed than traditional IT
  • Understand how to perform deep work and minimize distractions, which means more keyboard time
  • Are fast and efficient, which allows us to provide an increased value for fees
Bimodal IT Capabilites

Hypothesize and test without disrupting legacy IT systems. Our teams:

  • Ramp up your Mode 2 – innovative agile software development without disrupting your existing IT delivery model
  • Decouple tight dependencies between Mode 1 and Mode 2
  • Embrace automation and shorten the development feedback loop with known patterns and practices
Innovation Prototyping

Innovate in a stimulating environment. Our teams:

  • Serve as an extension of your IT team to prototype quickly and learn fast
  • Learn things quickly and apply new knowledge, which makes us an ideal innovation partner
  • Have worked with many organizations and know how to navigate internal structures

Explore Further! Learn More About the Dev Studio…

  • Our Delivery Model

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How do we work? Our Right Site delivery model supports a wide range of project types and sizes.  The project can be completed at “the right site” – off-site at our development studio, on-site at your business, offshore, or a combination of these sites. This model is flexible, meaning each project can have resources at a blend of sites, which can be adjusted up or down at any time.

  • Our Capabilities

Columbus Dev Studio 3

What do we do? We build a variety of custom applications to meet specific client needs. Our delivery model supports a wide range of project types and sizes that can be handled at our development studio or a combination of sites.

We assess each unique client situation to determine the best platform including custom desktop applications, web applications (client-side JavaScript and served HTML), mobile (native and cross-platform), and services (micro and macro)

Using the right technology is an important decision when determining the best product offering. Some of our ecosystems include JOTNET (Java or .NET), cloud, open source (JavaScript, Go, Ruby, etc.), and big data.

  • Our Work
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Connect with Us!

We are technology enthusiasts who serve as contributors, teachers, mentors, and presenters in the tech community. We regularly host technology events such as informational lunches and community Hackathons in our development studio located in Columbus, OH. Please contact us to share details about your upcoming project and we’ll determine how we can best assist with your technology needs. 

Contact us via email at to find out more.