Jerry Lewis Typewriter Routine

One of the best typing comedy routines has to be that of Jerry Lewis in Who’s Minding The Store. Jerry’s routine is a perfect comedy timing with his great use of pantomime and music backing.

Jerry’s imaginary typewriter skit is to the sound of Leroy Anderson’s ‘Typewriter Song’. The movie Who’s Minding The Store is one of those top notch comedy shows that even non-fans of Jerry Lewis (are there really any?) will agree is both fun and entertaining.

But this is not the first (or only time) Jerry had performed this routine. Over his career he performed the routine a number of times with one of the earliest times the bit was performed was on the Dean Martin Colgate Comedy which ran from 1950 through 1955 (Buy Episodes on Amazon).

Still, the routine in Who’s Minding The Store is, in our humble opinion, by far the best. (Buy Blu-Ray, or watch Amazon Prime )

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