Turn Your Typewriter Into a Computer Keyboard

Turn your typewriter into a computer keyboardThere’s nothing like the resurgence of the typewriter to get ones mind gears a working. Creative ideas flow from the fingertips to the paper with each stroke of the keys. Great, right? But how to get that prose into the digital medium? Sure, you can scan it in, convert it, retype it on a computer, but why not just type to paper and to the computer at the same time? And use an old Royal Standard, or heck, just use that vintage Underwood #5 and type today just as you would have  back in the good ol’ days!  So yes, why not take it a step farther and connect that typewriter to a computer? Such a thing is possible with a USB Typewriter Conversion kit.

Turn your typewriter into a computer keyboardThis creative little device allows an avid typewriter geek to marry his/her favorite typewriter to a computer with a little bit of ingenuity. And, it won’t destroy the beauty of that old typewriter or cost you a fortune. It will, however, require a bit of time to connect up the device to the typewriter so that a computer can recognize the keystrokes.

The inventors does his best to take you through the step by step instructions. A matter of connecting a key sensor to the bottom, a control panel to the side, a few additional switch sensors here and there, some calibration steps, and voila — you’ll be typing old school on the interwebs!

And, not only can you use this with your favorite computer, but you can use the interface with your favorite iPad or other tablet. So check out the video, and visit the site to learn how you can take your typewriter to the next level.


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